Call us at 800.352.0028 or 479.443.9292.  We strive to provide prompt and effective technical support.  We will be better able to help if you know the following information when you call: 

  • The type or model of pneumatic tool you are using.
  • The type and length of NailScrew® or fastener you are using or considering.
  • The type and thickness of the material you are driving through and into.

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If you are requesting a free sample, please include your application for using NailScrews® (such as decking, fencing, crating, etc.), your tool make (such as Hitachi, Bostitch, etc.) and tool model number (such as NR83A3, F33PT).

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    1.800.352.0028 or 479.443.9292
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    Northwest Arkansas