Using Ballistic NailScrews® in a Variety of Industrial and Construction Applications
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Speed Comparison Between Bulk Screws, Quik Drive®, and Three Types of BNS NailScrew Drivers®
Using Ballistic NailScrews® to create concrete forms. They can be removed to allow reuse of the building material.
Point Locator™ Series NailScrews® makes it easy for precision screw placement in Mantis Deck Screws or other types of deck screws.
Demo of subfloor installation using Ballistic NailScrews®.
Ballistic NailScrews® – Drive them in; Screw them out!
Clip from This Old House using UFO Ballistic NailScrews® building a composite deck. The Mantis Clip Hidden Deck System is used with the RCS Eliminator NailScrew® Driver to make the installation quick and easy.

Subfloor Installation using Ballistic NailScrews®.
Many thanks to Abshier Construction!
UFO’s Trailer Master™ NailScrews® securing wood to steel tubes.
Allied Galvanized Steel Tubes® Used with UFO Ballistic NailScrews®
Ballistic NailScrews® for Gypsum Sheathing and Continuous Insulation Installation
How-To with Rich Steptoe who has installed may decks using Ballistic NailScrews®. He is a professional deck builder.
Installing composite decking with Ballistic NailScrews®.
Quick and easy installation of GeoDeck Tongue and Groove decking with UFO Ballistic NailScrews®.
Installing Phantom Hidden Deck Clips with Ballistic NailScrews® and The Eliminator™ Tool